Don Cheadle Made Good Will Ambassador By The United Nations

After starring in films like Hotel Rwanda (and the Criterion release, Traffic as well of course), as well as spearheading documentaries like Darfur Now, Don Cheadle has now become not only one of today’s most gifted thespians, but also a member of the United Nations.

The Hollywood Reporter is now reporting that the actor has become a spokesman for the UN’s environmental program. He was given the honor in Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, and is now a UN Environment Program Good Will Ambassador.

The actor also had the chance to name a baby gorilla, Zoya, which was chosen by internet users as a part of the UN’s UNEP awareness campaign.

Cheadle, always one to stay socially relevant is not only a big enough star that his name will bring quite a lot of weight as an ambassador, but he’s also a perfect fit for this new role in the UN, which will be to help raise environmental awareness around the globe.

Source: THR

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