Drew Struzan To Return To Design Posters For New Star Wars Trilogy?


This may not seem like much, but for fans of the Star Wars universe, this could be one hell of a coup.

Poster legend Drew Struzan recently chatted with Fanhattan (and a hat tip to The Playlist for digging this morsel up), and he revealed that Disney has reached out to him with interest to bring him back to design the posters for the upcoming new Star Wars pictures.

Now, while the icon himself says that he’s “trying to be retired” and that there’s “no intention,” the idea of him picking up the brush again for these posters is really thrilling. The likelihood of it all coming to fruition isn’t the greatest, but Disney reaching the olive branch to Struzan could be the push he needs to get back in the saddle again. Struzan’s work for the most recent trilogy is that threesome’s greatest attribute, so hopefully we’ll see him tackle this franchise once again. Hopefully.

Source Fanhattan / The Playlist

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