DVD’s Could Hold Up To 128 GB Of Data With A New Layer

With Blu-ray discs looking to be upgraded to a capacity of 128 GB, it looks like it may not be anything compared to what it’s prior iteration, the DVD, could hold.

According Shin-ichy Ohkoshi (in a story by Gizmodo, and Collider back in April), scientists have discovered a way to increase DVD capacity by 1,000 times. How? Well apparently it just takes a slick of metal material.

The outlet is reporting that, by painting a variant of titanium oxide onto a DVD, the DVD would be able to conduct electricity when put under light, and also would be able to hold 1000x more data than a Blu-ray. Talk about buzz kill for those looking to change formats.

While the outlet says that this will most likely not hit the market, not any time soon at least, it is definitely a striking number, making many wonder, what the hell has been going on and why has this technology not been used before? Currently, DVD’s hold five times less than Blu-rays (4.7 GB-8.5 GB for DVDs as opposed to 25 GB or 50 GB for Blu-rays), but that may change for all we know.

Source: Gizmodo and Collider

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