Edgar Ramirez To Be The God Of War In Wrath Of The Titans

Apparently Edgar Ramirez has won over more than just critics with his much talked about turn as Carlos the Jackal in Olivier Assayas’ biopic, Carlos, which we’re going to see this year from Criterion.

Deadline is reporting that the actor, who isn’t new to the world of bigger budgeted, English language features, has been offered the role of Ares, God of War, in the upcoming sequel Wrath Of The Titans.

The film will be helmed by director Jonathan Liebesman, and will be a sequel to 2010’s dreadful film, Clash Of The Titans.

As mentioned above, this isn’t the actor’s first foray into bigger projects, including roles in films like The Bourne Ultimatum and the underrated Tony Scott film (fun, not great), Domino (he can also be seen in the first portion of Steven Soderbergh’s Che).   Personally, while I have absolutely no hope for this film, the addition of Ramirez does definitely add a bit of class to this project.   He’s an immensely talented thespian, and one that is quite perfect for the role of someone line Ares.   It’s not a film I’m all that interested in, but it is nice to see Ramirez get a bit of love from the Hollywood set after his turn in Assayas’ Carlos.

Source: Deadline

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