Editor Of The Thin Red Line Lines Up First Directorial Effort


As Terrence Malick’s latest film, To The Wonder, nears its release date, one of the director’s past contributors is about to make his debut behind the camera, and with one hell of a team behind him.

Entitled Things People Do, the film will be helmed by Saar Klein, editor of Malick’s The Thin Red Line, with Malick’s oft-producer Sara Green teaming up with Doug Liman as producers. Liman has a history with Klein as well, having tapped the editor to cut The Bourne Identity and Jumper, so there is a lot of history wrapped up in this project.

The film will star Wes Bentley, Vinessa Shaw, Haley Bennett and Jason Isaacs, and follow the story of a man who is let go from his job, only to be thrust into a world of crime. When the man teams becomes friends with a detective, his life changes, thus giving us our narrative, and with shooting starting Wednesday, this film definitely appears to be one to keep an eye on.

Klein has had a hand in editing some very great films, and with a solid cast and production team behind him, this could prove to be one hell of a picture. I’m always interested in the first film from a director, especially ones with great creative history and pedigree, so this is definitely a picture I’ll be paying attention to.

Source Deadline

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