Ennio Morricone’s Days Of Heaven Score Getting A Re-Release With Never-Before-Heard Tracks

One of the more interesting aspects of Terrence Malick’s film, Days Of Heaven, is the film’s score.  Penned by Ennio Morricone, the composer formed a complete score with regards to cues and where they should be within the film, but told the film’s director, Malick, that the only piece of music he didn’t want to be moved was the piece the iconic composer penned for the wheat fire sequence. And Malick did just that.  The film’s entire score consists of pieces that were rearranged from Morricone’s original composition.

And that’s not counting the music we haven’t had the chance to even hear yet, that Malick cut entirely.  That is, until now.

Film Music Reporter is, well, reporting, that (via The Playlist), Film Score Monthly has released a new, two disc edition of the film’s score, with some never-before-heard tracks.  The first half of the first disc is, for all intents and purposes, the film’s original soundtrack.   However, part two, the most interesting part of this release, is Morricone’s original arrangement for the film, without Malick’s changing of cues and their location. The second disc is an extended program of music, with a ton of new tracks.

Personally, while it is a bummer that this wasn’t a kick-ass special feature on the Criterion release of the film, having this remastered release is beyond amazing.   The film itself is hugely influential, and honestly, so is the film’s score.   Head over to FSM to place your order.

Source FMR / The Playlist

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