Errol Morris Confirms Criterion Release Of A Brief History Of Time


Here’s a little bit of history.

A few years back, following a screening of Werner Herzog’s Cave Of Forgotten Dreams, IFC President Jonathan Sehring revealed that a handful of Errol Morris documentaries were on their way into The Criterion Collection.

Now, since that night, we’ve heard little to nothing about what films would be first out of the gate, or hell, when they were even coming. That is, until Thursday evening. Well, kind of anyways.

Morris, late Thursday night, took to Twitter to reveal that Criterion is currently hard at work on restoring and remastering Morris’ film, A Brief History Of Time, to release on home video. The picture tells the story of Stephen Hawking, and features the same title as Hawking’s iconic book. Featuring interviews with family and friends, the film also features music from Philip Glass.

Previously unavailable on DVD in the US, this is a huge get for the company, as the film is one of the rarer documentaries in the director’s canon. I myself haven’t seen the film, but it is available to stream in a really poor transfer on YouTube, so I will hopefully be changing that soon. Morris is a brilliant documentarian, so anything he gets on Criterion will be must own material.

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