ESPN Debuts New Errol Morris Short Documentary As Well As The First Glimpse At 30 For 30 Series Two

As the Olympics continue to rage on, they may very well be living proof that while narrative feature films may be as dramatic as anything around, nothing can quite beat the real life drama that an overtime soccer victory can immerse its viewers in. However, as the bastions of sports, drama, and their melding, ESPN has not only unveiled a new short documentary, but has also given us a glimpse as to what expect from the upcoming second series in their Peabody-award-winning series, 30 For 30.

Arguably one of the greatest collections of documentaries ever put together under one roof, ESPN has released a trailer for the second series in their 30 For 30 franchise, and in a shocking move, the only thing that could be more interesting has also arrived, in the form of a new Errol Morris short documentary, Team Spirit. Taking a look at sports, fans, and the obsession that the latter has with the former, the short proves that fans of sports are often times fans of their team, player, or sport for something quite lengthier than their lives on Earth. It’s a great little short, and is something that fits right at home amongst Morris’ all-time-great filmography. It’s short, so this is one that should be watch immediately, as it’s breezy, insightful, and absolutely breathtaking.

Small portions of the short have aired on ESPN as commercials, but now is your chance to see the full short, as well as the trailer for 30 For 30 Series 2, which will launch in October, with short films debuting on the network’s pop culture site, Grantland, run by 30 For 30 founder Bill Simmons, in the lead up to the full series debut. We’ll have full reviews of each short following their airing, as this is one documentary series that is more than worth the time.

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