Explosions In The Sky Teaming With David Wingo For Score To David Gordon Green’s Prince Avalanche

Almost a week after we found out that the film existed in the first place, a dynamic collection of composers have joined on to help craft the sonic side of director David Gordon Green’s new flick, Prince Avalanche.

Consequence of Sound recently chatted with Explosions In The Sky guitarist Munaf Rayani who revealed (and a hat tip to The Playlist for uncovering this gem) that they will be scoring the upcoming film. He said that ‘this particular picture is going to be exceptionally beautiful in that we’re making it with friends of ours,’ one of whom happens to be David Wingo, the man behind the score for George Washington, among other films.

Personally, with a cast including Emile Hirsch and Paul Rudd, Green seemingly returning to the realm of small intimate pictures, and a composing team like the one being assembled here, I can’t wait to see what we will get out of this upcoming film. I’m a huge fan of Explosions In The Sky, and the last time we heard Wingo was for the score to Take Shelter, a masterful piece of music. This film really couldn’t be sounding any better.

In other, very brief, non-Criterion related news, you can now sample 30 second bits from each track from the upcoming film, The Dark Knight Rises. It’s all Hans Zimmer this time (no James Newton Howard, sadly), and honestly, while it’s still a small sample size, I’m not all that excited by this score. I love Zimmer and his work in this franchise, but this is just rather anti-climactic. Make up your own mind, and let me know what you think!

Source: Consequence Of Sound / The Playlist    / Filmonic

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