Filmmaker Chris Marker Dies At Age 91

Director Chris Marker died Monday, at the age of 91, just one day after celebrating his 91st birthday.

Best known for the pair of films known as La Jetee and Sans Soleil, Marker’s career spanned six decades, and inspired an entire generation of experimental filmmakers. Particularly known for inspiring the Terry Gilliam film Twelve Monkeys, Marker’s career has become one that is both unsung by the masses, but sung about in the world of cinephilia.

Currently available on Blu-ray via Criterion, the aforementioned classics are Marker’s crowning jems, Marker also set his sights on various topics, including a documentary about Akira Kurosawa, which is available (like much of Marker’s filmography) to watch online through various outlets (part one of which is posted below from YouTube. He’s worked with the likes of Godard and Resnais (on the ’67 film Far From Vietnam he helped produce), and made the greatest video involving a cat ever, with his short Cat Listening To Music. Toss in one of the tensest films you’ll ever see, the documentary Stopover In Dubai, and you have just the tip of the iceberg of what is one of the greatest careers in all of cinema.

He will be deeply missed.


Source Washington Post

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