First Look At Brian De Palma’s Passion

Well, this is definitely a way to catch people’s attention.

As the film started shooting this spring, Brian De Palma is hard at work on his new feature film, Passion, and via The Playlist, we have our first look at this massively anticipated picture.

The film stars Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace, and based on a French film entitled Love Crime, the film will follow the story of two women who become enraptured in a struggle intimately and competitively in their workplace.

Personally, while this photo itself is really quite something to look at, it also is just nice to see, as it is something, something at all, from De Palma. He’s a director who needs to get back on his game, and this is definitely the type of project to do that with. I do definitely think that he’s got a lot left under the hood there, so hopefully this thing can live up to the immense potential.

What do you think?

Source The Playlist