First Shipped RED EPIC Camera Stolen, $100,000 Reward Offered

Hopeful owners of the hotly talked about piece of hardware known as the RED EPIC better watch out.   Apparently, people are willing to do almost anything to get one.   Even if that means stealing one.

According to, the world’s first shipped RED EPIC camera, owned by OffHollywood studio executive Mark Pederson, has been stolen, along with some money, from Pederson’s home in France. Pederson was home, along with seven other adults, and six children.   Talk about a gutsy heist.   That must have taken Rifi level preparation, right?

Pederson is getting a bit of support however.   RED executive Jim Jannard has offered $100,000 as a reward to anyone who can help recover the camera, and find those who stole it.

This is definitely a sad piece of news, but talk about having an insurance policy.   The head of the very company you bought your camera from offering a reward for its return.   Sure, this may just be a one case thing, but it does definitely build brand trust.   However, I don’t have $58,000 lying around, so that trust may have to wait to be used.

Source: RedUser