First Trailer Arrives For Steve James’ Head Games

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it until I’m in my grave: Steve James is the best living documentary filmmaker. With films like Hoop Dreams and the instant masterpiece The Interrupters, James has solidified himself as one of, if not the, go to documentary filmmaker for this generation. And now he’s back with a brand new film.

Taking a look at the rise of concussion and head injuries that have become the hottest topic in the world of spots today, Head Games is the new film from James, and based on a book by Christopher Nowinski, the first trailer for the film has arrived, and it looks like yet another great film from James.

A rather big sports fan (he even did a fantastic film for ESPN’s 30 for 30 on NBA icon Allen Iverson), James is just the right name to take on this story, and it is one that needs to be discussed. It goes without saying that James is an icon of documentary film, but he has continually lived up to the expectations we’ve all set for his work, and this looks to do that once again. The film will hit this September, and you can go request a screening via Tugg. Do it. Now.

[vimeo 40456083 w=400 h=300]

Source Thompson On Hollywood

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