First Trailer Arrives For The Coen Brothers’ New Film Inside Llewyn Davis


After being some of the most prolific voices in the film world, the Brothers Coen took a minute to relax (since their last film, True Grit) but they are now back with what may be one of their most ambitious pictures to date.

The first trailer for their new picture, Inside Llewyn Davis has arrived, and it looks all kinds of fantastic. The film stars Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan, and follows a folk musician as he rises in the scene. The trailer carries with it a lot of the stylistic staples of Joel and Ethan’s work, but with director of photography Bruno Delbonnel aboard instead of the duo’s right hand man, Roger Deakins, it has a hazier and softer feel than much of their recent work.

Overall, while the big star here appears to be Isaac, who himself is proving to be one hell of a thrilling name on the acting scene, Mulligan is stepping out of her comfort zone on this one, and so do the film’s directors. The dialogue appears to be on point, but the change in cinematographer really seems to have lit a fire under their collective behinds. Color this writer massively excited.

The film starts screening in February with a release date not set in stone yet.

Source Indiewire