First US Trailer For Wong Kar-Wai’s The Grandmaster Is A Bland Re-Hash Of Everything We’ve Already Seen


There are poorly constructed trailers, and then there are ones like the new domestic trailer for director Wong Kar-Wai’s upcoming martial arts biopic, The Grandmaster.

With the film now ramping up its domestic promotion as its August 3 release date draws closer and closer, the first trailer has arrived, and it’s a clunker.

Starring Tony Leung as the legendary martial arts master Ip Man, the first US trailer features no new footage, and instead adds a laughably clichéd, and absolutely dull, voice over to boot. Personally, while reviews have been mixed-to-negative, my hopes for the picture are still extremely high. I think the cast here is fantastic, and it’s hard to argue with a name like Wong Kar-Wai attached to the project. I fully expect this picture to be at least an action-packed spectacle if nothing more, and this trailer (despite its already-see footage) does nothing to dispute that. Hopes are high.

Source Yahoo

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