Focus Features Bails On David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises 2

Well, this is definitely not good.

The Playlist has the scoop on some not so great news for David Cronenberg fans, as the outlet has discovered that the director’s long anticipated sequel to his beloved thriller, Eastern Promises will not be happening. Focus Features has shelved the project, at least according to the man himself who told the site that his next film ‘was supposed to be Eastern Promises 2, but that’s dead.’

For all intents and purposes, the sequel did seem moving forward relatively quickly, so this news does come as quite a shock, but frankly, it’s not as upsetting as one would imagine. Cronenberg has been on a killer of a roll as of late, and I must say, it will be nice to keep him working on films that aren’t part of a franchise. Cronenberg goes on and says that it was Focus’ head honcho James Schamus’ idea to shelve the film, so at this point, who really knows how the chips decidedly fell. Overall, it’s sad to see him miss out on doing this hotly anticipated sequel, but if we get something new out of this, then not all is lost.

Source The Playlist

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