Fox Announces New Classic Blu-rays, Includes Two Elia Kazan Films

Apparently it’s been a hell of a week for fans of director Elia Kazan.

With Criterion recently revealing a release of Kazan’s brilliant masterpiece, On The Waterfront, for this upcoming February, Fox has revealed their intention to release two of Kazan’s films on Blu-ray themselves.

Along with a new Blu-ray of John Ford’s Oscar winning How Green Was My Valley, Fox will release Blu-rays of Kazan’s Gentleman’s Agreement and Wild River. The latter is a particularly intriguing picture, as it’s one of Kazan’s most beloved pictures, and also one of the hardest to find on home video (outside of its inclusion within the second volume of the ‘Kazan At Fox’ series). I myself haven’t seen Agreement, but I do deeply love Wild River, and Valley is an intriguing release if for the simple fact that it’s the iconic Ford film that took the Best Picture Oscar from the likes of Suspicion, The Maltese Falcon and yes, even a certain feature known as Citizen Kane.

All three Blu-rays will be released on January 15, with details about specifications and supplements coming soon.


Joshua Brunsting

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