Francis Ford Coppola Working On An “Ambitious” Studio Film, Casting Soon

Ambition and director Francis Ford Coppola, as mixed has his recent work truly is, are never far from each other.

With films like Tetro and Youth Without Youth (both of which this writer finds to be truly underrated gems) proving to be some of the more ambitious features in quite some time, Coppola may have in fact lost a step, but he’s not going away without one hell of a fight.

EW recently chatted with the auteur, and apparently he has something big up his sleeve. Already in the casting stage, the film is allegedly being funded by ‘a secret investor that has infinite money,’ and will be set in New York. Coppola has a first draft of the film’s screenplay, and it will star ‘in the middle of the ‘˜20s, and there are sections in the ‘˜30s and the late ‘˜40s, and it goes until the late ‘˜60s.’

Personally, while not much is known outside of the fact that it’s a period film that spans decades, it still sounds really intriguing. I may be an apologist, but I do find some of Coppola’s recent work to be vital and inspiring, so I don’t see why this type of project would stray from that path. More on this film as it is revealed. Since it’s apparently casting, it shouldn’t be too long until we hear far more about the film.

Source EW

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