Gestating Former Stanley Kubrick Projects Take Form For Television

As years continue to pass since the late icon’s death, the life and work of director Stanley Kubrick have only grown in regard and reverence. As Kino sets their pending Blu-ray release of his first feature, Fear and Desire, two of his long-gestating projects are finally taking shape out of his hands.

Deadline is reporting that Entertainment One is working on a new TV movie and a miniseries take for two of Kubrick’s lesser known ‘lost’ projects. First up will be the triple digit-budgeted Downslope. A Civil War picture, the film is being eyed as a TV movie, and will be based on a short story from historian Shelby Foote. Kubrick also wrote the screenplay.

Then there is God Fearing Man, it has the fate of being a mini-series following the story of priest-turned-criminal Herbert Emerson Wilson. Now, both projects will also feature new adaptations from writer Stephen R. Clarke, so while Kubrick’s DNA is inherent in the pieces, it will likely have a bit of a different blood line showing up on screen. I myself am not entirely sold on these projects at this point, as it’s going to be a tough pill to swallow, seeing other hands on Kubrick material, but it’s been a long time coming for producer Steven Lanning and he and Philip Hobbs’ Philco Films, so there does seem to be a lot of love behind the projects. Hopes are high, expectations higher.

Source Deadline

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