Guillermo del Toro Says DC Comics Film Dark Universe Being Written, “Will Happen”


We here at The CriterionCast are admitted fans of director Guillermo del Toro. Be it our appreciation for his films, or the cavalcade of stories that we cover focusing on him, what seems like daily. However, that love has yet to be felt by studio executives. With his adaptation of At The Mountains Of Madness still yet to find its footing, and his take on The Hobbit falling to Peter Jackson, it appears as though he’s set to return to comics for his next big studio outing.

With the WB film Pacific Rim on the way, the studio is apparently serious about his much talked about adaptation of DC Comics’ darker characters (Deadman, Constantine and Zatana just to name a few). According to IGN, who sat down with the director recently, the film will be part of what WB is eyeing as a “cohesive” DC Universe going forward, much like Marvel’s, and that the film is currently being written and “will happen.” It’s also going by the name of Dark Universe now.

Personally, I can’t wait to see this thing. These characters are perfect for someone like del Toro to adapt for the big screen, as his vision fits into this universe with absolute perfection. Given the right cast, this could become something really, really special. I love these characters, and even the recent runs in the comics of something like Justice League: Dark has been really entertaining. Hopefully we’ll be seeing this sucker earlier rather than later.

Source IGN

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