Harmony Korine Eyes A New Project


Strike while the iron is hot, I guess.

Deadline reports that Harmony Korine (whose latest film, Spring Breakers, is not only his best film, but heading straight to the bank after a huge opening weekend in limited release this past Friday) has lined up his next project.

Apparently it follows the story of a family of criminals in the south, and according to the outlet, that is all that’s known about the project up to this point. The site also goes to mention that he’s still very much interested in working with Megan Ellison and Annapurna Pictures, as the two parties are working out new projects as well, so it appears as though the much talked about cult darling is about to make waves on a much bigger scale.

As a massive Korine fan (he has yet to make a “bad” film in my opinion) I am deeply intrigued by this news, and really want to know more. Coming off the one two punch of Trash Humpers and Breakers, the director seems to be working out various issues thematically and aesthetically, with his latest being deeply inspired (at least in my opinion) by the work of Gaspar Noe, a friend of the auteur’s. Hopefully this can all continue with his new projects.

Source Deadline

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