HBO Won’t Be Coming To Netflix Watch Instantly Anytime Soon, But Will Make It’s Way To Your iPad Through HBO Go.

Even after getting the rights to a 3000 film catalog, in their recent deal with EPIX, there is one company that still doesn’t seem to want to play ball with Netflix.

According to an interview with THR, HBO co-president Eric Kessler believes that it is still highly unlikely that HBO and Netflix will reach an agreement. The reason behind this stalemate? Apparently, the company is set to put most of their attention to their own streaming service, called HBO Go, and will eventually find it’s way onto the iPad.

The service will only be available to subscribers of the pay cable giant, and will feature original shows and films from WB, Fox, and Universal. Kessler sees a ‘value in exclusivity,’ which while making his service a bit less expansive, the only one of its kind.

Personally, while I love me some Netflix, as any cinephile would, I do have to admit, the addition of HBO content would throw me over the top. I am a rather big fan of shows like Hung and True Blood, and would love to be able to stream HBO content straight to my TV, anytime. Now, the films themselves don’t excite me, as I don’t use HBO very often as a movie watching outlet, but the lack of HBO content, while small, is a definite wound in Netflix’s canon.

What do you think? Can outlets continue to ask their customers to pay for individual services, when all-you-can-eat platforms like Netflix or Hulu offer an array of content from different studios? 

How much would you pay for a Criterion Collection subscription?

Source: THR / PC Mag

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