Help Save The Hotel From Bottle Rocket With The Alamo Drafthouse

A fan of Wes Anderson? Have an affinity for his debut feature, Bottle Rocket? Well, now is your chance to not only show your appreciation and love for the film, but help save a part of it in the meantime.

Within Bottle Rocket, there is one locale that proves to be quite important.   The trio of criminals not only live within a hotel, but one of our leads ends up falling in love with Inez, the hotel’s housekeeper.   Well, that hotel needs your help.   Reservoir Geeks and The Alamo Drafthouse’s Rolling Roadshow are sponsoring an event to help save the hotel.

The hotel in question is a Days Inn in Hillsboro, Texas, and with the owner being unable to afford the cost of keeping it up and running.   Together, the pair of Reservoir and The Drafthouse will be hosting a screening of the film on July 9 with star Robert Musgrave in attendance.   Toss in some special Mondo posters, and hopes are that people will be booking a stay in the hotel (rooms are still available), thus saving the hotel, at least for now.   For more information, head over to Reservoir Geeks or

Source Reservoir Geeks / The Drafthouse

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