Herzog Going To The Small Screen For New Series Based On ‘Into The Abyss’

While many have called it the German mad man’s most approachable and standard piece of work, Werner Herzog’s ‘˜Into The Abyss’ has found one hell of an audience, so much so that it is now heading to TV in the form of a new series.

Deadline recently spoke to the filmmaker, who revealed that the film will now spawn a new series on Investigation Discovery, entitled ‘˜On Death Row.’ Set to debut later this year, the series will find Herzog once again chatting with inmates in Texas and Florida.

I myself have not yet seen the film, but what I have heard has been nothing but praise surrounding the film, particularly just how deft Herzog is when taking on a film that seems to be far less grand in scope than many of his previous works.   I’m a huge fan of the filmmaker, and while I’m not one to really watch a weekly TV show, this is what those who coined ‘event programming’ originally thought of.

Source Deadline