Hulu Announces A Handful Of New Original Series; Including New Shows From Kevin Smith And Richard Linklater

Besides his films, director Kevin Smith is known for a handful of things. Be it his love for comics or his disdain for film critics, Smith has become as much a modern day shock jock as he has an actual filmmaker. So what would be his next logical move? If you said reviewing films like the critics he so wildly dislikes, you’re not only crazy, but you’re right on the nose.

As part of a new handful of original content from Hulu, Smith will lead a new show creatively titled Spoilers, for the brand. He’ll be joined by fellow cinephiles to review the year’s biggest films, and even Criterion Collection films, as he’ll also have a segment on that side of things. Controversially, he originally had it titled Criterion Corner, but in a shockingly kind and thoughtful move, decided to change the title after a certain friend of the website let it be known that that name had already been taken. A win for the little guys!

Another show will include Richard Linklater’s new series, Up To Speed, a travel series that will follow Speed Levitch as he looks at some of the lesser known landmarks of these United States. Toss in another season of The Booth At The End, and a handful of new original scripted series, Hulu is definitely taking to making its own name in the TV world, other than simply piggy backing off of already branded franchises. While I’m not at all interested in watching Kevin Smith talk about blockbusters, the Linklater series is enticing, so hopefully that will live up to the really great potential.

For more information and a full rundown of new shows, here is the press release.

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Source Hulu

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