Iconic Film Critic Andrew Sarris Dies At Age 83

The film world has lost one of its foremost critical legends, as beloved film critique Andrew Sarris has passed away following complications from an infection he had developed late last year. He was 83 years old

Arguably best known as both a rival to arguably the best known film critic of the time, Pauline Kael, and also as a major proponent of the auteur theory here in the states, his last work was released in 2009 by the New York Observer. He was also a Columbia University film professor, until his retirement last year, and he also co-founded the National Society Of Film Critics.

I think I speak for this generation in saying that he will most certainly be missed. Besides Ebert, Sarris was the first film critic I ever truly read, only adding to my appreciation for and interest in the idea of the auteur theory. His work has often times been the film writing that I most often return to, and his influence will never wane. ┬áHe will be missed.

Source NY Times

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