IFC Nabs De Palma’s Passion

Things just got a little interesting for fans of director Brian De Palma.

Despite mixed-to-negative reviews for the film coming out of its festival run earlier this month, De Palma’s latest film, Passion, the film has finally found a distributor. According to THR, De Palma’s new film has gone to none other than Criterion roommate IFC Films.

The film stars Noomi Rapace and Rachel McAdams, and is a remake of the Alain Corneau film, Love Crime. Telling the story of a woman looking for revenge after she is threatened by her boss, Passion didn’t set the festival circuit ablaze, but it does prove to be a huge get for the company. De Palma is as big a name as they come, so hopefully they’ll give us a release date soon, and that we can see this sucker sooner, rather than later. Oh, and a Criterion release isn’t entirely out of the question. A solid entrant for the company’s October slate, a quick theatrical release could be turned into a speedy home video release via IFC’s right hand brand. Total conjecture, but hey, who knows?

Source THR

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