IFC Nabs The Michael Cera Comedy Crystal Fairy


Coming out of Sundance, one of the biggest winners happened to be IFC.

Picking up a cavalcade of films during the festival, the purchasing hasn’t stopped either, as the distributors have nabbed one of the more interesting debuts to hit Park City this past year.

IFC has nabbed up the Sebastian Silva-directed and Michael Cera-starring film Crystal Fairy. The film follows the story of a young American kid who is hell bent on finding a San Pedro cactus, and taking a hit from it, as it is an iconic all-natural drug.

Other details are none existent, but one has to imagine that imagine that we’ll be seeing the company’s patented theatrical and on demand split for this film, a picture with star power and a Sundance approved narrative making it a film not to be missed. I personally find Cera to be a hit and miss type actor, but with the right type of project, he has great enough timing that he can really own a role. It’s also a perfect fit over at IFC.

Source Deadline

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