IFC Releases New Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s Following, Re-Released On IFC On-Demand, When Will We Get The Criterion Announcement?

Inception is currently making its mark on American film goers, and while the buzz has been beyond what anyone could really have expected, but it looks like the hype may be making Chris Nolan, the film’s director, an even hotter name than he was after The Dark Knight.

One thing that has come out of Inception, is a new re-release of Nolan’s first film, Following, thanks to IFC. The film, long rumored to be an upcoming member of the Criterion Collection (one that I think everyone interested in the collection is anxiously waiting for), is getting a release thanks to IFC’s video on demand service.

The film cost just under $10,000 to make, so it’s safe to say that this is by far Chris Nolan at his most creative, and many would argue (me being one of them) at his very best. While I think films like Inception and The Dark Knight are more ambitious, you really do not get much better than this film when it comes to Nolan’s filmography. Hell, the film’s lead is even named Cobb, for those looking to draw up some weird Following/Inception tie ins.

Following is also currently available on Netflix Watch Instant, and hopefully this is the harbinger of things to come, because this film definitely deserves a giant ‘C’ on the top left corner of its DVD/Blu-ray case.

Source: IndieWire

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