Interesting Details Arise For The New Film From Margin Call Director J.C. Chandor


With films like The Artist proving that filmgoers can, and will, sit through and award films free of dialogue, and large segments of films like There Will Be Blood and Wall-E doing the same thing over long sequences, silence has become something of a breath of fresh air within a cinema that is only getting louder and more histrionic.

However, sophomore director J.C. Chandor may be making the gutsiest move a filmmaker can make, and will allegedly be going dialogue free for his second feature.

The Margin Call director recently signed on Robert Redford to star in his upcoming film, and the Sundance founder has recently revealed that the film, All is Lost, has “no dialogue.”

Now, as a huge fan of Chandor’s previously mentioned debut feature, this sounds like something completely out of his comfort zone, but that makes it all the more interesting. The film will follow a man at sea who is lost and fighting for his life, so think The Perfect Storm but without a single word spoken. Color this writer truly, and deeply, excited. Redford is an actor who could use a career restart, and this could be that very film. I can’t wait.

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