Iranian Culture Minister Denies Kiarostami’s Certified Copy General Screening

Apparently, this year’s Cannes Film Festival found more controversy in Iran, than at the festival itself.

In what is another step in the rather growing battle over censorship between the aforementioned nation and the famous film festival, Yahoo is reporting that the country has just banned the critically beloved film, Certified Copy, directed by native son Abbas Kiarostami, due to the lead actresses clothing choices.

According to Deputy Culture Minister Javad Shamaqdari, ‘if Juliette Binoche were better clad it could have been screened, but due to her attire there will not be a general screening.’ This is Kiarostami’s first film shot outside of his native Iran, and while it’s been one of the most lauded films out of Cannes, it appears as though Iran will continue to reign down on filmmakers whose films they deem out of step with their beliefs.

This comes days after announcing the release of imprisoned filmmaker Jafar Panahi, who was jailed for nearly three months for making what Iran officials deemed an ‘anti-regime’ film.

Hopefully these tales of government oversight will weigh on the minds of American filmmakers who deem studio involvement a step on their creativity. Filmmakers from around the world can make any film they pretty much please, outside of things like snuff films, except when under this Islamic regime. For every film that gets stepped on by an overzealous producer, you get a filmmaker who is being jailed, or who has a film banned, for simple things like actress attire, or personal politics.

Hopefully this adds a bit of perspective.

Source: Yahoo

Joshua Brunsting

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