Is Before Midnight Heading Towards An Early 2013 Festival Debut?

With the film allegedly wrapped, one would expect to see the upcoming third film in Richard LInklater’s beloved Before series-soon-to-be-trilogy relatively soon, right? Well, that may very well be the case.

In chatting with the LA Times, the director not only revealed that he and actor Jack Black may be re-teaming for an upcoming bowling-centric project, but that the upcoming Before Midnight may be making an early 2013 debut at one of the year’s many early festivals.

Now, that would be in keeping with that series and how the previous two films debuted in Berlin, but one would have to imagine if the capper to his beloved series wouldn’t be perfect fodder for say, March’s SXSW? I’m certain his hometown of Austin would love to have it as a centerpiece picture, or Hell, even the opening night film.

Conjecture aside, the film will likely be seen sooner rather than later, so hopefully we’ll know relatively soon. It’s one of next year’s most interesting and hotly anticipated projects, so the fact that we’ll be getting it so damn quick is absolutely thrilling. Fingers are crossed.

Source LA Times

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