iTunes Extras To Bring DVD Supplements To Apple TV

If you are like me, one reason that you avoid buying films on iTunes is the lack of those oh so special special features. The Criterion Collection has certainly set the standard in terms of supplemental materials available for films, and continue to do so with each month’s new releases. From exclusive interviews to commentary tracks, the special feature / extra / supplement is what keeps people coming back to DVD and Blu-ray.

While iTunes has had a limited number of titles with their iTunes Extras, it is certainly not a universal feature on all of the films in the Store. When Apple released their updated, streaming-only, Apple TV, the “Extras” were unfortunately unavailable.

However, according to Steve Jobs himself, this is going to change in the near future.

According, Steve Jobs recently revealed that iTunes LPs and iTunes Extras are ‘coming’ to Apple TV software.   In true Jobs fashion, that was his one word reply to an e-mail inquiring the possibility of the two services coming to AppleTV, so take it for what it is.

Personally, I don’t know if this would exactly change the way I buy films, because I’m a rather vocal proponent of physical media, this sure makes that option seem a bit more viable.   I know that the respective prices of some new releases are much better than buying the actual disc, so if you get the special features for that relatively low price, I’m all for it.   That said, I can’t justify buying a movie that you can’t physically have anytime, anywhere, so at this point, I’m a bit indifferent about this.

What do you think?


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