Jafar Panahi’s New Film Closed Curtain Joins This Year’s Berlin Film Festival Slate


With his last film, the brilliant This Is Not A Film on its way to home video, director Jafar Panahi is apparently hard at work on a new film, and we now know when the hell we are going to see it.

According to reports, Panahi will be debuting a new film, Closed Curtain, as part of this year’s Berlin Film Festival lineup, and that is truly all we know about the film at this point. It’s allegedly co-directed by The Circle co-writer Kambozia Partovi, and features a cast including Kambozia Partovi, Maryam Moghadam, Jafar Panahi, Hadi Saeedi, Azadh Torabi, Agha Olia, Zeynab Khanum, and Boy.

Now, while details are absolutely scarce, it’s exciting and thrilling news none the less. Panahi is a master filmmaker, and the ability for him to work, even while under continual house arrest, makes this cinematic world worth living in. I’m not sure what the hell the director has in store for us, but at least there is something from one of the most powerful and important voices in cinema, despite those who are trying to keep him silent.

Also, other new additions to the lineup include a new film from Bruno Dumont, and the next picture from Steven Soderbergh, Side Effects.

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