Jane Campion Working On A Six Hour TV Miniseries, Top Of The Lake

According to Variety, Criterion Collection darling, and Bright Star director Jane Campion (Sweetie, An Angel At My Table), will be following her fantastic John Keats biopic (Bright Star) with a brand new, six hour television mini-series.

Top Of The Lake is a mini-series that has been described as ‘a small-town tale of a detective brought in to solve the case of a 12-year-old who gets pregnant and disappears.’ It will take place in Campion’s native New Zealand, and will see the director re-team with her Sweetie scribe, Gerard Lee.

Personally, this sounds like a dream come true.   Sure, I would much rather see a gifted filmmaker working on, you know, making films, but the idea of Campion doing a story that sounds like it could have some really great aspects of say neo-noir, is far too awesome to ignore.   Toss in the re-teaming of a duo that made a fantastic, yet horribly underrated film, Sweetie, makes this one of the most interesting currently on the horizon, big screen or small screen.

Source: Variety

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