Janus Films’ Charlie Chaplin Site Is Live! Complete With Images And Theatrical Touring Dates

This past May, the Criterion Collection e-mail newsletter announced that Janus Films had acquired the rights to distribute the works of Charlie Chaplin theatrically. We all celebrated in the notion that we would be able to hopefully see new clean prints of his incredible body of work, as well as the idea that these titles would inevitably make their way into the Criterion Collection.

Whether these titles would be available individually, in box sets (either in Criterion proper, or in the Eclipse Series), or some combination of the two, we still have not heard a definitive statement from Criterion. It is highly likely that we’ll get an announcement for either November or December, as many would love a complete Charlie Chaplin box set to find it’s way onto their holiday wish list.

Last month, Janus unveiled a poster image, as a placeholder on their website for an upcoming Charlie Chaplin sub-site, and it just went live today, July 16th. It is an incredible resource for anyone looking to follow Janus’ release schedule, or for anyone looking to read up on the various releases as they tour around the country’s theaters. The site houses a biography, publicity information, images, reviews, screening times and locations, as well as a complete filmography listing for Chaplin, with descriptions for each film. So far it looks like Janus will be presenting seventeen (out of 82!) films in their Chaplin theatrical tour.

Here are some upcoming dates and links to some of the screenings:

July 16 ‘“ August 5

New York, NY ‘¢ Film Forum

July 25 ‘“ August 17

Huntington, NY ‘¢ Cinema Arts Centre

August 6 ‘“ September 9

Washington DC ‘¢ AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center

August 13 ‘“ September 5

Boston, MA ‘¢ Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Below I’ve linked the images to their corresponding pages within the Janus site, for each Charlie Chaplin film they’ve made available so far.

A Dog's Life

Shoulder Arms


A Day's Pleasure

The Kid

The Idle Class

Pay Day

The Pilgrim

A Woman Of Paris

Monsieur Verdoux

The Circus

City Lights

Modern Times

The Great Dictator

The Gold Rush


A King In New York

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