Jessica Chastain Attached To Liv Ullmann’s Next Directorial Effort Miss Julie


From one brilliant actress to another, Liv Ullmann’s next directorial outing may have just gotten even more interesting.
At one time herself a highly sought after actress, especially when it came to the man who would use her the most, director Ingmar Bergman, Ullmann is prepping an adaptation of August Strindberg’s play, Miss Julie, and apparently actress Jessica Chastain may be involved.

During a presser for her upcoming Guillermo Del Toro-backed horror film Mama, the actress revealed that she may be doing a “Strindberg thing,” only to shyly avoid answering a journalist who pressed her further by placing her finger on her nose after being asked if it was Ullmann’s upcoming project.

The film would follow the story of Julie, and her involvement in a romantic triangle with a footman, Jean, and a cook, Christine. I haven’t read the play myself, but fans of the work are really thrilled by this idea, and with Ullmann behind the camera and Chastain, possibly, in front of it things are looking up for this ever intriguing project. Chastain has become one of the film world’s most hotly sought after actresses, and the idea of seeing her work with Ullmann is really thrilling. Color this writer excited.

Source The Playlist

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