John Travolta Eyeing 3D Remake Of John Woo’s The Killer?

Are you one of the five people on this planet that actively wants to see a remake of the iconic John Woo film, The Killer? Well, thanks to one A-lister, that day may be coming relatively soon.

John Travolta recently spoke to ScreenDaily, and not only revealed that he is currently looking at starring in a biopic of the legendary NFL head coach Vince Lombardi (who interestingly enough coached Travolta’s father early on in his career) but that he’s ‘entertaining’ the idea of possibly starring in a 3D remake of the aforementioned Woo masterpiece.

A remake of the film isn’t new news. It’s been in the works for a while now with the latest iteration coming thanks to director John H. Lee (because this project is short on men named John, apparently) along with Josh Campbell as a writer. However, that take has seemed to stall for all intents and purposes, and the tentative nature with which Travolta speaks doesn’t give this writer much faith that it’s actually going to one day come to fruition. And we can all be thankful for that. I mean, don’t get me wrong. We all know how great and campy and over the top Travolta is when working with Woo, just look at a film I truly adore, Face/Off. However, The Killer is a true blue masterpiece, and one that is still as vital today as it has ever been. However, at last we heard, Woo was also aboard this upcoming remake as a producer, so who knows what we could get out of this thing.

Source Screen Daily

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