John Woo’s Le Samourai Remake Still On Its Way


For years now, director John Woo has been hard at work on remaking a pair of films from director Jean-Pierre Melville, and while his take on Le Cercle Rouge doesn’t appear to be happening (James Mangold was actually the last name attached to that picture), his take on the director’s iconic Le Samourai appears to be on its way.

The director has been talking about this project for years now, but in an interview with Die Welt, he revealed that the film is set to take place in Berlin, and that a draft is being written now by American screenwriters.

Personally, I am mixed about this news. I think that Woo taking on a film like Le Samourai is thrilling, but a direct remake is a tad odd. Woo hasn’t had the greatest track record stateside, so while his epic film Red Cliff was superb beyond belief, touching a sacred cow like this is making this writer extremely cautious. I think the original is an utter masterpiece, so these are about as big of shoes as one could try and fill.

Source Die Welt / Bleeding Cool

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