Jonathan Demme Helming Wally And Andre Shoot Ibsen

With the recent release of Vanya On 42nd Street, it looks like the cinematic firm of Shawn and Gregory are getting back together once again.

According to The New York Times, Jonathan Demme is set to direct a sort of reunion piece for the two leads of the classic 1981 film My Dinner With Andre, entitled Wally And Andre Shoot Ibsen, starring Wallace Shawn and Andre Gregory.

The film will shoot for a week with a budget not even close to $1 million, and will find the pair shooting their version of Henrik Ibsen’s iconic ‘˜The Master Builder’ which itself is being adapted by star Wallace Shawn for this project.

Demme himself has gone as far as to describe the film as ‘like a Hitchcock movie with a vein of humor running through it,’ so the film sounds just as interesting as any fan of the original film would hope.   My Dinner With Andre is one of my all-time favorite features, and this has quickly become one of my most anticipated features coming down the pipe line.  And with the film feeling a bit more like Vanya On 42nd Street than Dinner  honestly, this thing could be unlike anything we’ve seen since that early 90s gem.

What do you think?

Source NYT

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