Juliette Binoche Joins Godzilla


There are great casting choices, and then there is casting Juliette Binoche in your film.

Variety is reporting that that is exactly what has just happened for the newly must-see reboot of the Godzilla franchise from director Gareth Edwards.

The actress is set to join the likes of Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen (both of whom are currently in negotiations to join the film’s intriguing sounding cast), but Binoche is the biggest eye grabber here, marking this as her biggest project to date.

She’s always been one of the more sought after names in Hollywood, with various projects eyed for her only for her to pass them for pictures like Three Colors: Blue (she chose that over Jurassic Park) so this could very well be the beginning of an entirely new, hopefully superb, stage in her career. She’s one of the greatest actresses of her day, and it is absolutely thrilling to see her finally step into the world of Hollywood for a franchise that already sounded like one of the more interesting projects coming down the blockbuster pipeline. I know I’m buying a ticket now.

Source Variety