The July 2016 Barnes & Noble 50% Off Criterion Collection Sale Has Begun!


For the past several years, Barnes & Noble holds a bi-annual 50% off sale on the Criterion Collection, each July and November. The sale begins today online and in stores, and will end on August 1st, 2016. 

Many of you will be heading out to your local stores to closely inspect the packaging, to avoid any dents in those gorgeous digipaks. Everyone else will be ordering online, thus avoiding contact with the insanity that is shopping during the Summer.

Below you’ll find covers to the most recent Criterion Collection Blu-ray releases, with links taking you to their corresponding pages on Barnes & Noble’s website.

What are you picking up this time around? I’ll turn on the comments for this post, so you can share your hauls!

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Clouds of Sils Maria 822_BD_box_348x490_original

Strangelove B 821_BD_box_348x490_original

Fantastic Planet 820_BD_box_348x490_original

Here Comes Mr Jordan 819_BD_box_348x490_original

La Chienne 818_BD_box_348x490_original

Le Amiche 817_BD_box_348x490_original

The Road Trilogy 813_BD_box_348x490_original

The Player -cover_BD_web_original

The Naked Island 811_BD_box_348x490_original

In A Lonely Place 810_BD_box_348x490_original

Easy Rider 545_BD_box_348x490_original






Poem Is A Naked Person 805_box_BD_348x490_original

Brighter Summer Day 804_box_BD_348x490_original

Manchurian Candidate 803_box_BD_348x490_original

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