Kiarostami Eyes Next Project Horizontal Process

As his masterpiece Certified Copy hits Blu-ray this week and his newest film Like Someone In Love continues to get mixed to negative reviews out of the normally very friendly towards him Cannes critic field, Abbas Kiarostami is setting up a brand new project.

Variety reports that he’ll be shooting his new film, Horizontal Process, in the Apulia region of Italy. As far as plot goes, there is literally nothing known about this film, other than that Kiarostami loves ‘the complex architecture of the various cities, which conveys the complexity of the people who live there.’

As a huge fan of the director, I’m holding out hope that the Cannes reviews for his most recent film are just exceptions to what will be a rule of great reviews, but honestly, I really hope he can keep up this pace. He’s a brilliant filmmaker, and seems to be deeply inspired by these new areas. Color me excited.

What do you think?

Source Variety

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