King Kong (1933) Blu-ray To Hit Stores This September

One of cinema’s most beloved creature features is set to make its way to Blu-ray. According to Home Media Magazine, Warner Home Video has announced that they have not only remastered the 1933 RKO film, King Kong, but that they will be bringing it to homes in all of its 1080p glory, September 28th, 2010.

One of Criterion’s early Laserdisc releases (the only one owned by our faithful editor, Ryan Gallagher, interestingly enough), King Kong will be seeing a rather extensive release on Blu-ray. The release will include a commentary featuring film legend Ray Harryhausen, as well as visual effects artist Ken Ralston, and also includes a seven part documentary on the making of the film, trailers, and a documentary on Kong creator, Merian C. Cooper. The disc will also include a 32-page book from film historian Rudy Behlmer.

This is one film that has deserved a Blu-ray release for a long time. It’s one of cinema’s most important visual effects films, and while it’s been 77 years since its release, it definitely has stood the test of time. It’s a fantastic film, and one that really deserves a 1080p release.

The film will also be available on demand, iTunes, Amazon VOD and gaming consoles. Don’t miss this one.

Source: Home Media Magazine