Kino Bringing Sergei Eisenstein’s Strike And Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice To Blu-ray This Summer

While we may have a bias as to who we all think does some of the best DVD and Bu-ray releases around, Kino is slowly cementing their name as one of the biggest and best players in the arthouse DVD and Blu-ray game.   The company has now announced two of their most interesting releases to date.

First up, the company will be releasing a newly remastered version of Sergei Eisenstein’s classic, Strike, on Blu-ray.   The release will hit shelves on August 30, and has a list price of $35.95, but is available on Amazon right now to pre-order for a low $25.99.   The film was Eisenstein’s first, and ‘deals with a widespread labor strike in a rural factory.’

Finally, the company will also be making available a new Blu-ray of the Andrei Tarkovsky masterpiece, The Sacrifice.   This release will come along with a documentary from Tarkovsky’s oft-collaborator Michal Leszczylowski entitled Directed By Andrei Tarkovsky, and is priced at $39.95 for the Blu-ray and $34.95 for DVD. This will hit on July 5.

Personally, it’s really hard to choose which release I’m more excited about.   Details on Strike are skim, but the film itself is so damn intriguing.   Eisenstein was a master filmmaker, and one whose canon isn’t as well known amongst this generation as it really should be.   The Sacrifice looks absolutely beautiful with stunning packaging, so it’s hard to not get super excited for a new Blu-ray of a visual masterwork.

What do you think?


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