Kino Including Early Kubrick Short Documentary The Seafarers On Their Upcoming Fear And Desire Blu-ray

This thing keeps getting better and better.

Come October 23, Kino will be dropping their Blu-ray of Stanley Kubrick’s long talked about and rarely seen debut feature, Fear And Desire, into the laps of various cinephiles around the country, and with that release, comes a supplement that makes it one of 2012’s most important releases.

The distributor just announced that they will be including Kubrick’s 1953 documentary short, The Seafarers, on the Blu-ray, which has been recently preserved by the Museum Of Modern Art, along with assistance from The Film Foundation and The Franco-American Cultural Fund.

The short looks at the Seafarers International Union, and was Kubrick’s first film shot in color. Grinding his teeth as a documentarian early in his career   (he originally began as a photographer for print outlets even), the film was last released on DVD in 2008, but this will be the first time it’s available in HD.

Personally, this is easily the most important release of 2012. Giving us a really great look at early Kubrick, the release including both the feature and this short is just amazing. Kino is continuing to prove themselves as one of the greatest home video companies going, and this may very well be the holiday season’s biggest release. For cinephiles, it really just doesn’t get any better. However, for those who can’t wait, it’s available to stream on Youtube. Just look below, and enjoy!


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