Kino Lorber And Adopt Films Team Up For Home Video Distribution Deal


If last year marked one thing, it was the rise of small, seemingly independent distributors, with very few being as critically beloved as Adopt Films.

With titles like Christian Petzold’s Barbara and particularly Miguel Gomes’ Tabu, the company become home to various beloved pictures from 2012, the company has finally found a home for these films on home video, and it is in the hands of none other than Kino Lorber.

The companies have revealed that they are partnering up for a distribution deal that will see select Adopt titles (including the two mentioned above) release on home video and through digital outlets. Other pictures will begin with both Barbara and The Taviani Brothers’ Caesar Must Die.

What’s good to note here is that, unlike many of Kino’s more modern releases, these are being eyed for both DVD and Blu-ray. Personally, this is great news. Many of Adopt’s films were near or directly in my Top 10 of last year, particularly Tabu, which may very well be one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen in many years. It’s a great picture, and more than deserving of a great Kino Lorber home video release. Color this writer extremely and enthusiastically thrilled.

Source Press Release

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