Kino Lorber Touring A 2K Restoration Of Fritz Lang’s M


UPDATE: Just got word from Kino that in fact, their connection to this M restoration is strictly theatrical. They do not have any plans on releasing the film on home video, focusing solely on the theatrical touring of the new print.

Well this is an interesting turn of events.

In what sounds like one hell of a collaborative effort, the team of TLEFilms Restoration and Preservation Services, in association with Archives Fracaises du Film and inPostFactory, a new 2K restoration of Fritz Lang’s iconic thriller M is set to make the theatrical rounds, and it’s not thanks to Janus.

Kino Lorber is touring the film, and will start screening the film at The Film Forum from March 15-28.

The new restoration will feature a brand new subtitle translation, and footage “missing from earlier restorations,” with a runtime of 117 minutes, clocking in at a full seven minutes longer than the cut seen on Criterion’s DVD/Blu-ray.

Both Criterion’s DVD and Blu-ray are still in print, but it appears as though a new Blu-ray is on its way from Kino Lorber somewhere down the line, and I’m kind of excited. I’ve been a rather big fan of their Blu-ray releases, and the newly restored footage is excited. More on this as it comes, which should be soon because the touring starts relatively soon.

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