Kubrick’s ‘Fear And Desire’ Debuting On TCM On Wednesday

Talk about one hell of a marathon.

In honor of The George Eastman House and their efforts to preserve the greatest in classic cinema, TCM will run a day long, 24-hour marathon of films that have been aided by this organization and their Motion Picture Department.

Featuring some obvious classics like the one that starts it all, the 1918 silent piece ‘˜The Blue Bird’, there is one film in particular that will be making its television debut.

Premiering at 8pm on Wednesday will be Stanley Kubrick’s oft-discussed but rarely-seen debut narrative feature, ‘˜Fear And Desire.’   The film joins other pieces such as ‘˜The Moon and Sixpence’ and ‘˜A Page Of Madness’ to show during this lineup.

It goes without saying that ‘˜Fear’ is the cornerstone of this block, and is also a choice that’s intriguing for a cavalcade of reasons.   Later this month, Kino will be releasing a collection of Blu-rays featuring transfers restored from Eastman House prints, so could we be seeing a Kino ‘˜Fear and Desire’ Blu-ray soon? Who knows?   One can wish, right?

Source Rochester News


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