Kubrick’s Napolean Finally Moving Forward, This Time As A TV Series From Steven Spielberg


Throughout Stanley Kubrick’s career, a cavalcade of projects were eyed by the late auteur, only to fall by the wayside. Be it something like AI, a film that he had developed, only to realize that technology wasn’t at a point where the film would be viable, or his long discussed Holocaust film, which fell apart after deciding that a little film called Schindler’s List was a little too close to his film, thus making it seem irrelevant. And what does all of this have in common? Steven Spielberg.

The friend and fellow legendary filmmaker is set to take on Kubrick once again, this time on the small screen. Spielberg recently spoke to French TV and revealed that he will be developing Kubrick’s long talked about Napoleon Bonaparte project as a TV miniseries.

Ditched due to budgetary challenges and other various issues, the project originally started in 1961 when Kubrick wrote the script, and will now head to TV thanks to Steven Spielberg. Not much else is known at this point about the project, but it has always been one of those films that fits the bill of “greatest films never made,” so it will be interesting to see what Spielberg has in store for us with this project. He’s one hell of a name, so expect a lot of big actors to be throwing themselves at this project. I can’t wait to see it.

Source THR

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